Australian history throughout colonial and Victorian times is full of colour. It takes in an era of goldrushes, bushrangers and pastoral expansion, as well as the growth of the pioneering spirit and its place in Australian legend. Cobb & Co became famous during the late 1800s for its horse and coach transport network across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, providing gold escorts, mail services, passenger and freight lines to the towns and settlements scattered over the land.

The Cobb & Co Heritage Trail program encourages research and identification of Cobb & Co roads, inns and changing stations whilst capturing the social history of the era with the stories of coach drivers, grooms, innkeepers, booking office managers and passengers. The Cobb & Co Heritage Trail does more than record the past - it entices the individual to explore the countryside, learn the legend, appreciate the history and enjoy the area as it is today.

Bailed Up! by Tom RobertsBailed Up! by Tom Roberts depicts a Cobb & Co coach being held up by bushrangers on the Glen Innes to Inverell run. Dating from around 1895, the picture is based on a true story told to Roberts by the coach’s driver. Picture reproduced by courtesy of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The Cobb & Co Story Education Resource Kit has been prepared in consultation with the Department of Education K-6 Education specialists and won an Energy Australia National Trust Heritage Award in 2001. The kit uses the case study of the Bathurst to Bourke Cobb & Co Heritage Trail to integrate with the HSIE syllabus to provide an innovative and diverse range of activities with a central theme of Australian history.

The kit features 30 pages of high quality looseleaf cards suitable for reproduction and frequent use (download the Table of Contents). It has incorporated SAY outcomes and subject matter, with suggested teaching and learning activities suitable for all levels of primary school. While the case study focuses on the Bathurst to Bourke area, the information and the history apply throughout New South Wales and can be adapted to suit any location. The aim of the kit is to tell the story of Cobb & Co and foster awareness of, and interest in, Australia's fascinating history.

The Education Resource Kit is available for $29.50 (including GST and postage). Download Order Form.

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