Cobb and Co PlaqueThe Bathurst to Bourke Cobb & Co Heritage Trail largely follows old coaching routes established by Cobb & Co during the 19th Century. As you travel these roads today, you can imagine yourself back in the past – hear the cracking of whips, tramping of hoofs and the churning of wheels along dusty tracks; smell the sweat of the horses and the scent of eucalyptus leaves stirred up by the passage of the coach. Although times have changed and you can voyage along these roads in relative comfort nowadays, it doesn't take much to conjure up the excitement and romance of journeying in another era.

Where does it go?

Much of the Cobb & Co Heritage Trail follows the Mitchell Highway between Bathurst and Bourke, making it simple to stick to and easy to explore the sights along the way. Yet the Heritage Trail also takes in those paths less travelled, along back roads that incorporate original Cobb & Co routes and meander from town to town through a changing and beautiful landscape. If you're travelling in or through the area, consider combining your highway travel with a deviation along some of these delightful byways – include as many as you have time for, then circle back on to the highway and continue along your way.

Where can I find more information?

Use this website to assist you in your journey of discovery, plan your trip before you go and learn a little about the days 'when Cobb & Co was king'. You can also collect a series of Cobb & Co Heritage Trail mudmap brochures and a book entitled Cobb & Co Heritage Trail Bathurst to Bourke from Visitor Information Centres situated between Bathurst and Bourke. Not only do the guides provide detailed information on the development of pastoral New South Wales and the colourful history of Cobb & Co, they also offer suggestions for picnic and refreshment stops, places to see and things to do along the way.

A tour to suit all time frames

There's no need to travel the Cobb & Co Heritage Trail in its entirety to get a taste for what it's all about. Different sections of the Heritage Trail cater for varying timeframes and levels of interest, from a short walking tour around Bathurst or Orange to a half or full day's drive through fascinating outback areas. Many of the Heritage Trail mudmaps feature loops that range from a few hours' leisurely drive to a whole day's outing, which makes them easy to fit in amidst holiday or touring plans. Will my vehicle be suitable?Whilst the Cobb & Co Heritage Trail is generally suitable for conventional vehicles, sections of it will take you along roads that are travelled only lightly today and some of these are only accessible by four-wheel drive. It is important, particularly in outback areas, to check at each local Visitor Information Centre for up-to-date details on road conditions and advice as to the suitability of your vehicle for the trip ahead.

What is the Heritage Trail?
Town Trails
Area Trails

As with all country roads, take care when driving at dawn and dusk to avoid wildlife and if driving in outback areas, carry extra drinking water in your vehicle. These simple precautions will make your trip all the more enjoyable and allow you to enjoy the pleasures offered by the Bathurst to Bourke Cobb & Co Heritage Trail to the full.

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