The Bathurst to Bourke Heritage Trail recalls the exciting times of Cobb & Co back in the 19th Century, before the telephone or the internet, when the Royal Mail Coach was the main link that settlers had with distant towns. Innovative and adaptable, the company was at the forefront of inland expansion and played a vital role in developing transport as well as social and communications networks across eastern Australia.

Today's traveller can follow the award winning Cobb & Co Heritage Trail along highways and byways between Bathurst and Bourke and witness the relics of these long gone coaching days – many recognizable, some mere shadows of their former selves.T ake the time to explore these fascinating areas, learn about Australia's past and enjoy the journey making some exciting discoveries from the present along the way. You will only be limited by your imagination as you investigate the treasures of the Cobb & Co Heritage Trail.

The Route

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