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Warren Legend
•Beemunnel Hotel (Carriers Arms). Race meetings were regularly held behind the Beemunnel, even though the hotel was near the Warren racecourse. The hotel had a store as well. The spot is now marked by one surviving pepper tree.

•Cobb’s Paddock is on The Overflow property and the Canonba road goes through it. The only reminder of what was once a Cobb & Co horse property is a dam built by the Chinese with wheelbarrows, picks and shovels.

•Drungaler was a tiny settlement that featured a bush hotel, store and post office in 1878.

•Ellengerah, up from the Gin Gin Bridge, had a post office, store and the old Willow Tree Hotel, which was a changing station. The site is now on Karlbetza, a cotton growing property, and all that remains are some bridge posts; the hotel, however, was relocated to the Lachlan Vintage Village in Forbes and is still able to be seen.

Nevertire HotelThe Nevertire Hotel (Railway Hotel) was a Cobb & Co destination when the railway came through and the hotel still welcomes thirsty locals and tourists today. The Nevertire Well was built on the hotel block and was the only reliable water supply in the region for travellers.

•Tanandra Hotel and Post Office. Tanandra had a public bore and trough and Mr Les Benton of Narromine tells us that his grandfather, George William Benton, ran the Tanandra Hotel. The Pastures Protection Board still maintains a windmill and trough to provide water for travelling stock. The hotel burnt down in the 1950s. The site is on a reserve where some cacti, two peppercorn trees and brick ruins remain, on the left hand side just over Marthagai Creek.

•Cobb & Co sites in the town of Warren include: the Post Office (now the Visitor Information Centre and craft shop); The Friend in Need, an old travellers’ hotel; the Warren Well; and the Cemetery, where you can find the grave of George Jordan, a driver for Cobb & Co.

•Willie Retreat, set on the Macquarie River beside the Macquarie Marshes (a place renowned for its bird life), has old stables, buildings and the remnants of a Cobb & Co inn and offers accommodation, camping and nature walks.


Warren Visitor Information Centre

Cnr Burton and Cobb Streets, Warren
Phone (02) 6847 3181

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